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It is our goal to support you on your search for the perfect mouthpiece/reed combination with our custom-made facings: French-system mouthpiece blanks for German clarinets. Meeting the personal expectations and demands of musicians is our motivation. We aim to enable each player to unleash his or her full creative potential by tearing down the barriers that many setups impose. If our idea has piqued your interest, we would be very happy to hear from you!

For many years now, we’ve wanted to understand the physical behaviors and capabilities of the equipment we play on, and therefore started experimenting with hand-made mouthpiece facings. The wish to improve the quality of the mouthpiece/reed combination, allowing the sound and volume to be entirely controlled by the airstream, brought us to make shorter facings with a unique form. From the large selection of reeds on the market, Vandoren V12 and V21 have proven to work well with this our products.

See you soon!
Till and Saya
What we have to offer:

Short and open facings for German A/B-clarinets on French mouthpiece blanks made out of natural rubber.
Recommended setup:

  1. Mouthpiece with TS-Facing for Vandoren V12, Willscher 302 and Peter Leuthner French Cut Professional
  2. TS-Facing on your own mouthpiece for reeds of your choice

Upon demand, we also offer facings for E-flat and Bass-Clarinet mouthpieces.

170€ per mouthpiece